New Year Message 2011 by Nirankari Baba ji (english)

Saint Say with love,
Dhan Nirankar ji,

Saints, all are welcoming the new year, the year 2011 with good wishes and prayers for whole of mankind. Times pass by and as we see that in this new millenium, already 10 valuable years have gone by and it has always been hoped that mankind will learn the lesson of love which was taught by all the saints and sages and prophets since time immemorial but it is painful that people do not learn from history, they don’t learn from the teachings of saints and prophets.

But at the same time we can’t loose hope. We’ve always to work to strengthen these aspects in everybody’s life. The aspect of love, of humility, of togetherness, of compassion, of tolerance. We all have to live as a closely knit family which has concerns for each other. People reside in various parts of the Globe, there is so much diversity, so many languages so many cultures so many believes but at the same time we shouldn’t loose the sight of the fact that we all the creations of of God almighty, we are all the children of lord God almighty which has his own onness and we have to be centered upon this fact that there is one God, there is one earth on which we are residing and we’ve to have have oneness amongst all of mankind.

So in this new year 2011 it’s again prayed and wished that people will act accordingly which is expected of them.

All of the you saints who regularly attend congregation and also give valuable time to strengthen your spiritual aspect and work for society by doing various social servies which is always commendable but there is always a scope to do more and more. There is so much darkness prevailing in this world of superstitions because of ignorance so we have all to work to shed this ignorance this darkness and illumine the hearts and minds of all the peoople, this is responsibility of all the young and old, residing in any country.

So I pray for strength for all of you that may God give you strength to achieve this goal and may you all live in harmony, live peacefully, respecting each other, having tolerance and always having the feeling of the existance of this nirankar all the time, everyplace. So may also, Nirankar bless you with prosperity, happiness and progress.

Sadh sangat ji,
Dhan Nirankar.


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